Quartz Rock Ring DIY


I have always had a small love affair with rocks.

From the average piece of gravel to a shimmery brown tiger’s eye, my rock collection was as important as my sticker collection. And my sticker collection game was serious. 

The one toy I vividly remember asking for as a child for birthdays and Christmas was a rock tumbler. I recall staring at the rock tumbler box longingly in different toy stores, thinking about the rocks I would tumble into treasures and make into rings and necklaces, or just roll the once jagged and now smooth rocks over and over in my hands in awe. 

And whenever I would visit a museum gift shop, the souvenir I always chose were rock pencils. They were pencils where the top half consisted of a clear plastic vial filled to the top with an assortment of tiny rainbow colored gems and held inside by the eraser. Of course, I always popped off the eraser to intently study the rocks inside. The number of tiny rocks usually got smaller and smaller, as they slipped through my fingers and disappeared in our thick, chocolate colored carpet. Thus was the fate of the rock pencil:  to eventually just became a pencil.    

Fast forward many years later and I’m taking out the trash and found something whitish peeking through the dirt. I dug it out the ground a found a gorgeous little bauble, and my first thought was, “I’m rich!”

Just kidding.

It looks like a tiny, white chunk of the grand canyon, with jagged crags and edges, but with a very smooth, almost perfectly flat bottom. This, of course, made it perfect to turn into a piece of jewelry. 

I didn't know what it was so I looked up the characteristics of it online and believe it could be Selenite, though more opaque and creamy colored than the photos I found.

Selenite is a crystal form of the mineral gypsum. It is supposed to have various healing properties, which might include bringing metal clarity, instilling a sense of peace, and cleansing negative energies, among other positive attributes.   *Update-I now believe this may be a piece of quartz, as Selenite would not have survived the rigorous cleaning process I put this gem through.*

Or it could just be a pretty rock. I’m thrilled either way. 

I cleaned it up with soap and water to get all the dirt and grime out the rock’s nooks and crannies. If it is Selenite, I later read that is frowned upon to wet these crystals because it is a soft mineral, and water could dissolve it. This is very true, as I did I have a bit of a flaking issue during my extensive de-dirtying-I found-you-near-the-dumpster cleaning process which may have included a bit of bleach as well. 

I debated making it into a ring or a necklace, and decided an eye catching cocktail ring would be perfect.

I added a black ring base to the flat bottom with a touch of E6000 glue. For an added touch of shimmer, I rubbed some gold foil onto the rock and protected those areas with metal leaf sealer. I love how some areas are slightly shiny, and others still retain a natural, matte appearance. Just a few simple accents to an already stunning find. Hooray for nature! The best free craft store ever.   

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