Rainbow Blocks Wall Art

If you have children, you should definitely include them in this simple but eye catching wall art. Why, might you ask?

Well, from a single, childless person’s perspective, the most tedious aspect of this project was painting all those blocks (I had quite a few left over not used in this project that I used in others that I’ll share later).  Some sides I left bare, others I painted solid colors, or used two colors diagonally. Simple, but time consuming, and I kept thinking, “imagine how much faster I could get this done if I had a couple of kids with eager and nimble fingers to help me crank out these blocks!” And then I shook my fists to the heavens in angst over my barren womb.

If you actually do have children, you might think this would be a great bonding time project, an opportunity to teach them about colors, or to create and appreciate a handmade piece of art for their room.

I just wanted to Joe Jackson them into my own little block painting sweatshop. You can go with whatever reason fits your situation; no judgment here.

This really is a very simple project born from wanting to display my own artwork / décor / projects in my apartment. I’ve worked with unfinished wood pieces before, which are actually some of my favorite materials for projects. The geometric trend is still pretty popular and when I did this project, painted blocks were floating around Etsy and on different blogs and this is my own spin on the trend.

I simply painted the blocks, glued them to blank canvases with E6000 glue and let it dry overnight. You can’t get much simpler than that.   

I was mindful about not putting too many blocks on the canvas, as I wanted to keep them light. I love that the final result is colorful and dimensional. Also, regardless of how you look at them, whether from the sides or front, it’s a different piece of art!

What I really love about this project is that it can be personalized and customized in so many ways.  You could use pastels, metallics, or a mix of patterns and solid colors.  You could also use a color palette to match a room.  Perhaps create a bunch of small canvases with artist trading cards using mini blocks and glue them to a larger canvas.  Or create shapes or initials with the blocks. Maybe paint the canvas black before adding the blocks, or any other color. This is definitely a concept that you can play with.

If I had the patience, space, and a few extra hands, I would love to create this piece on a larger than life scale, spanning the length and width of a wall. Can you imagine? If I ever get the opportunity to do so, I’ll be opening up my babysitting business at the same time. Just a little heads up to all interested parents in the Tennessee/Arkansas/Mississippi area. Ask about my specials!


  1. This is such a brilliant idea. It is really cool and very creative. And I guess this is a great way to make those scrap woods useful. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea.

    1. Thanks Jelly! I got my wood from Hobby Lobby, but I think using scrap wood would be a great idea as well. Maybe leave it a little rough to give it a some texture? You could also use round pieces cut from a branch. Just a few more possibilities! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it!


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