Rustic Luxe Pinwheel Candlesticks

One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, has a joke about giving candles as gifts, and the punchlines include, "you know I have electricity right?" and "if my place smells, just let me know." Even though I think it's hilarious, as a candle lover, I would be geeked to receive a whole gang of candles for any holiday.

I love candle scents to sweeten the air, but I also love the subtle and relaxing glow of a candlelit room. So even though I'm a a fan of real candles, I also enjoy inexpensive battery operated tealights to provide a little ambiance to dark rooms. Here's a very simple, but lovely "rustic luxe" tealight holder that's perfect for holidays, gift giving, or everyday use for yourself.

I emphasize that these tealights are for battery powered tealights, as one of the main components of this project are birch wood rounds.  I found these at Michaels in a pack of four. All of the packages seemed to include two larger and two smaller rounds, and I used the larger rounds for this DIY. The slightly ornate glass candle stick holders are for tapered candles that I found at Dollar Tree. They keep these in stock in abundance. The tealights I also found at Dollar Tree in packs of two.

I knew I wanted to do a pinwheel design in a particular color scheme, which included black, white, gold, silver, and red: very classic holiday colors. In addition, I wanted some of the areas to be shimmery and festive, and adding glitter in the design was perfect.

In the area where you would normally stick a tapered candle, I filled with black glitter. I thought that this would be a simple accent to further personalize the piece. Any color glitter in the color scheme could be added to give this piece more appeal. I even thought about layering different colors of glitter for a more eye catching detail.

Creating a pinwheel design is pretty simple.  Make a dot in the center of the wood circle, and with two pieces of  painters tape, create a triangle shaped area from the center dot. Paint within the triangle area, wait for it to dry, and continue to make and paint triangle shaped areas all around the wood. You really have to wait until each area is dry because you'll be taping over some of the painted areas as you go, and you don't want to smudge or peel off any of the paint or glitter. You can do touch ups as needed, but for the most part, I waited until each area was dry.

For the glittered areas, I wanted the best coverage possible. I actually painted the glitter areas with mod podge and then sprinkled glitter over it. You could also use glitter glue or a glitter infused paint. But I think using loose glitter gave the best results.

Once I finished painting the wood and it was dry, I put E6000 glue around the top rim of the candlestick and centered the wood round on top.  In no time it was dry and ready to use.

An incredibly simple mix of natural and elegant elements that can be personalized in any color you please to create a warm atmosphere in a room, even if you do have electricity.

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