Artful Agendas for 2015

I think each year should have a freebie month before January.  I know this throws off the 365 days it takes to revolve around the sun situation, but it would provide an excellent buffer between the new year and the old year. This pre-January (Prepuary? Startember?) would allow us to take care of everything we swore would be completed before the new year started. We could adequately recover from the holidays, both physically and financially. We could get organized and tend to neglected cleaning projects. And there would be time to really sit down and think about what we wanted out of the new year.  In January, everyone would have the energy and peace of mind to greet the new year with the attention and productivity it deserves. Until I can get the powers that be to see how excellent my idea is, here are a few of my favorite 2015 calendars from Etsy that can help you schedule your days on our current 12 month system, and get organized even without the presence of Beginovember.

01. Hand Lettered Perpetual Calendar . How joyful Shop . $12.00

02. Geometric Calendar . Maria Sardina . $7.27

03. Black & White Art Calendar . PASiNGA . $23.44

04. Constellation Animals . 45 Wall . $18.00

05. Stones Wall Calendar . Chelsey Dyer Shop . $22.00

06. Geometric Poster Calender . Mademoiselleyo . $7.00

07. Black & Gold Foil/Glitter Calendar . blursbyai Shop . $5.90

08. Gold Foil Calendar & Organizer . Inkspot Workshop . $50.00

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