Raspberry Lip Scrub Potion

If you need to work some magic on dry, cracked lips, whip up this simple lip scrub for a more pleasing and perfect pout. I have been daily slathering on balms and moisturizers over my own rough terrain lips with little or no effect, so this project has been long overdue.  After using this scrub, my lips were visibly and physically smoother, and balms stayed on my lips longer. I went from Jagged Edge to Silk in a matter of minutes.

This isn't a precise recipe because I have little patience with measurements and this is a lip scrub, not a quiche, so "eyeball it for the consistency you want" is my lip scrub recipe measurements henceforth and forevermore, Amen.

I used white sugar, red sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, flavor oil, and sprinkles. I would suggest to add the olive oil sparingly at first and then the coconut oil sparingly to the white sugar. Though coconut oil is a solid at room temp, it will liquefy as you mix it with your sugar and oil. I preferred a fluffy, less drippy (=less messy) scrub. If you add too much oil, just add a little more sugar. Eyeballing it is the land of freedom.

I added in some red sugar crystals and raspberry flavored oil, which gave it a nice pink tint and subtle flavor. I added just a bit, but the more you use of each, the color and flavor will be richer.

I topped the scrub with sprinkles because all magical potions should include "kitchen glitter." It just makes the finished product more magical. Facts.

This is a great scrub to gift, and you can fill small pots or jars wrapped with colorful washi tape with a three to four use quantity.  Always add more sprinkles to the top of each individual pot (more magic).

Add a mini wooden spoon for the recipient to scoop out a small portion to use, as opposed to digging their fingers in the scrub like a cave person. A moisturizing lip balm or butter would be great to include as well. Exfoliation + Moisturization = Liberation.

Package all items in a decorative bag and give to needy roughed lipped friends and family for at home pampering. 

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