2015 Christmas Decor

For the past several years my apartment has been a Christmas décor desert. With no children to appease and 10 hour days during our peak season at work, I lacked the Christmas spirit and energy to deck any halls. The six foot Christmas tree I did purchase a few years ago was buried underneath a pile of stuff in a closet and digging out the tree, ornaments, and other decorations wasn’t a job I wanted to undertake. This year, we’ve had a less busy peak season at work, and I wanted a more festive atmosphere at home.

Instead of unearthing the tree I already owned (don’t judge me), I bought a $15 four foot tree from Dollar General, which was sturdier than I thought it would be. It came prelit with white lights, and I bought two extra strands of lights from Hobby Lobby for a grander light experience.  Hobby Lobby has a diverse and extensive selection of Christmas decorations and for most of the weeks leading up to Christmas, they usually put all Christmas related items on sale for 50 percent off, so don’t sleep on those deals.

I decorated my tree with various gold, silver, black, white, and clear decorations from Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and Dollar Tree. I wanted something a little different and it’s a very chic color scheme that somewhat matches my current décor. I found such great deals on various ornaments in the colors I wanted that I probably had enough for each branch. To give it more height, I placed it on a pouf ottoman and draped two white felt tree skirts around the base that are supposed to mimic snow. I also found some gold, silver, black, and white boxes and bags from Hobby Lobby and Target, which perfectly compliment the colors of tree, keep it from looking naked underneath, and can later be used for gifts.  

I also created a quick and easy Christmas tablescape with items I already owned and a few inexpensive additions. I used more traditional colors for the table because I like variety and the contrast of color schemes. My table top is painted gold (a DIY project I’ll post about later) and I keep a glass plate with gold and white candles on a black beaded placemat in the center of the table. I purchased a red table runner from Dollar Tree and flanked the plate of candles with black candlesticks (already owned) topped with red candles (Dollar Tree), snowflake tealight candle holders (Dollar Tree), poinsettias (Kroger), and glass vases (Dollar Tree) filled with pine cones. I also added two pine cones to the plate of candles.

The pine cones were scented, but I sprayed them with a Spiced Pomander scented room spray and let them dry, as I didn’t think their original scent would last very long. I also lightly sprayed the tips of the pine cones with fake snow and covered the jar with red and green poinsettia stickers from Hobby Lobby. Also, please ignore my wrinkled curtain in the background. 

I actually love the creativity involved in holiday decorating and I’m glad I decided to do so this year. Taking the time to create a holiday atmosphere does wonders for the spirit and also encourages me to keep my space clean (no stacks of mail or cups left on the table…yet), which is a pretty good way to end the year.

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