DIY Pinwheel Art

I recently bought a gray couch to replace a red one I had for several years. Along with the couch, I also changed the colors and decor in the living/dining area of my apartment. The color scheme I chose consists of gray, black, white, silver, gold, light pink, dark pink, and purple. Whew. It may sound like an odd mix and a lot of colors, but I was inspired by the January/February 2015 cover of HGTV Magazine, which featured a gray and white couch and hot pink pillows. There's also a small antique brass table and gold mirror as accessories. Since I knew I wanted a completely gray couch, I also wanted some feminine and bright accent colors. Thus, the final color scheme is really just neutrals (gray, black, and white), metallics (silver and gold), and a few pops of color (pinks and purple). One of my new decor items is a DIY pinwheel painting that features all of these colors in an easy and striking design. 

I DIY'd several wall art pieces that matched my red couch and had a friend call one of my paintings a "conversation piece." Though she never said what the conversation was. It could have been, "this is fabulous and you are highly creative" or "this is interesting, do you need to get out more?" Thank you, and yes. Though I imagine her sentiments matched the first statement and she was in awe of my artistic talents. If someone pays you a vague compliment, you take it, don't ask questions, and interpret it as you see fit.

To create this piece I purchased a black, 18x24 inch canvas from Michaels and used Scotch masking tape to make a triangle shaped area starting from the center of the canvas. I painted the triangle with several coats of paint and waited for the area to dry. I then taped off and painted another triangle from the same center point, and continued doing this until I had worked my way around the canvas. It's best to wait until each area is completely dry before you move onto the next because you have to tape over parts of previously painted areas. You do not want to smear any areas or transfer any paint from wet areas to other parts of the canvas.

Scotch masking tape or washi tapes work best for this project, and I wouldn't recommend the blue painter's tape from Dollar Tree. Both Scotch and washi tapes remove easily, but also firmly adhere to the canvas for nice, clean lines. The Dollar Tree tape will betray you. I used it for another painting project and I soon found that even at a dollar, it was overpriced, as it wouldn't stay put and allowed paint to seep underneath its edges. Don't trust it; it won't let you be great.

Overall, I'm happy with the results. I'm surprised that I was able to tape pretty much exactly at my center point for each area. You don't necessarily have to start in the center of the canvas and can use any area as your starting point. The sizes of the triangles can also be modified to accommodate more colors and a different overall look using the same basic design. I enjoy personalizing my space and this is definitely a DIY with many conversation worthy options.  

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