easy and inexpensive table revamp

Due to a series of unfortunate craft related events, and a lifetime of general haphazardness, I inevitably ruined the top of my wood dining table. Most times, I was careful to put down a drop cloth, but a cup of paintbrushes would accidentally get knocked over and find an exposed spot to sully. I would fail to keep an eye on a dripping glue gun, have clay remnants go rogue, and witness a host of other stains, nicks, chips, and goo slowly takeover the table. It also didn't help that I usually work on more than one project at time. Eventually, I abandoned the drop cloth. I wasn't just on the highway to the Danger Zone, I had arrived.

First I tried simple solutions to hide the foolishness above. I covered the table with tablecloths, but they always looked wrinkled and collected dust. I tried carefully positioning placemats over the madness, but one inch to the left and all my secrets were on display. I eventually just wanted to ditch it, but as it was still overall in good condition (and funds for a new table were allocated elsewhere), I wanted to try to save it.

A lot of the DIY’s I found online consisted of taking furniture pieces outside, sanding and stripping the old paint, and a host of other little do’s and details, all of which sounded like time and money. I just wanted the top to be presentable and not so much formally refinish it. I didn’t want to break the bank buying various paints and varnishes, and the thought of trying to get it outdoors to the patio did not sound appealing.

In order to save the table, I removed all of the random tape pieces and chiseled away any raised and bumpy substances. I lightly sanded by hand all of the paint splatters, as well as the entire table, to a relatively smooth finish.

One of the hardest parts of this project was deciding on what color to use, what type of paint to buy, and if I wanted a matte, gloss, or chalk finish. I wanted to choose a color from my living/dining area color scheme, and considered purple, pastel pink, or gold. I thought maybe the purple would be too dark, and the pink might stain easily (even though I thought it would be really pretty), so I played it safe with gold. It's not far off color wise from the original brown wood, but has more personality.

The paint I used is a metallic gold color by ArtMinds from Michaels. It's a soft gloss acrylic paint for interior and exterior use. This particular line came in mattes and glosses and they had a variety of colors. It was 19.99 for 32 ounces, and I used a 40 percent off coupon. With no priming, I simply wiped the surface of the table to make sure it was clear of dust and debris and started painting using a large sponge brush.

I painted several coats, so many I lost count. I didn't really let each coat dry completely, as I am impatient and enjoyed the almost meditative process of swiping and smoothing the gold paint across the table. I painted for several days, usually before and after work, and stopped once I was pleased with how it looked when completely dry.

The paint covered all of the stains nicely. It has a slightly textured look from the sponge strokes, which isn't a problem for me. The gold was also a nice starting point for my Christmas table decor. I also have plenty of paint left for touch ups if needed. I didn't use any type of sealant and so far, it wears well. Best of all, whenever my dad comes over, he tells me I did I good job. A refurbished table and compliments - you can't ask for much more than that.

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