In Pursuit of a Pink Pillow

So I was looking for a pink pillow. An inexpensive pink pillow. An inexpensive, dark pink pillow. And I didn’t want a furry, shiny, sequined, striped, dotted or round one. Just a simple, dark pink, oblong pillow. It sounds like a small request, but it was one that Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, At Home, Gordmans and other stores couldn’t fulfill.

What I did find was a canvas pillow cover and pillow insert from Hobby Lobby, and the pillow I couldn’t find as is, I created.

I used a magenta colored acrylic paint by FolkArt, the same color I used in my DIY pinwheel painting. I painted several coats on each side, and the finished result made the material stiffer than I would have liked and had a slight odor. I washed the pillow cover to help alleviate some of the stiffness and odor, which it did. It also stripped some of the paint, giving it a slight distressed appearance. That wasn’t necessarily the look I was going for, but I didn't stress over it. With just a few items and a little time, I created the pink, pop of color pillow I wanted.

I used a multi-surface paint so that I wouldn’t have to mix a regular acrylic paint with a textile medium. Several brands carry a range of multi-surface colors – FolkArt, Martha Stewart, and Craft Smart to name a few. Being a bit of a pillow junkie for the living room and bedroom, crafting up a pillow inexpensively in pretty much any color I need could save me a lot of time running from store to store and not finding what I want. Hobby Lobby also carries the pillow covers and pillows in not just the oblong size, but also in square. Yep, bought that one too, and already making plans to create something colorful for the bedroom. 

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