Jewelry Storage and Organization

I have a habit of wearing the same two or three pairs of earrings and the same few necklaces. I have more than what I wear, but my go to pieces stay in heavy rotation. In an effort to diversify my daily adornment selections, I got rid of what I rarely wear and organized what was left. I’ve tried a number of various storage and organization techniques for my jewelry, but they weren’t always practical or accessible.

I scanned Pinterest and other sites to research a few ideas, and found this particular earring storage DIY that I liked best. It consists of a three drawer desktop organizer by Sterilite from Walmart and craft sponge from Hobby Lobby. The drawers were about five dollars and the sponge was about three dollars. 

I  cut the foam in pieces slightly smaller than the size of the drawers, and placed the cut pieces inside of them. Done. Ta-Daaa. I stick my post and stud earrings in the sponge and they can be removed and replaced with ease. I've also stuck a few dangle earrings in there as well. The backs and a some hoop earrings I keep in a small trinket box. I bought another set of drawers in which I store rings and bracelets as well.

What I love about this storage method is that my earrings (and other accessories) are not exposed. And for someone slightly accident prone like myself, should I ever knock the storage drawers over, there’s a chance that most of the earrings may stay safely inside. At least I hope they will. 

My necklace holder is an idea I came up with to prevent me from having to put holes in the wall. In the past, I stuck giant push pins in the wall to hang my necklaces on. Many of the DIY necklace holders I found online were wall mounted as well.

For the necklace holder, I painted some wooden knobs from Hobby Lobby black and glued them to a white 16 x 20 inch canvas at various heights using E600 glue. I could have embellished the canvas more, and I may do so around the edges, but I liked the simple and clean look of it just being black and white, with no images or other colors to compete with the jewelry being displayed. To be fair, these could be hung as well, but they work just fine propped up against a wall, which also means they don't take up a lot of space.

These budget and time friendly DIY’s have been great for getting my bits and baubles in order. Even if I still choose to wear one or two different jewelry pieces, it won’t be for lack of organization. 

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