Ruby Kisses Jellicious Lip Gloss

l to r: Crushed Strawberry, Caramel Frappuchino, Plum Seduction, Chocoloco & Cotton Candy

Matte lips may be in, but I've always been a gloss girl. Either over lipstick or alone, I love a smooth, gloss with longevity and shine. If it's tasty and smells sweet too, then I'm sold.

I spotted the Ruby Kisses Jellicious Lip Glosses in the beauty supply store ages ago, and they were right up my alley: cute packaging, food inspired names, pretty mauves, pinks, and nude-ish colors. But the wording on the display made me believe that they were plumping glosses. I had an awful experience with a plumping gloss, and my lips started to itch at the thought of that incident. I always stared at them longingly regardless. One day on a small make-up buying binge, I actually read everything the display stated and realized nothing indicated that these were plumping glosses. Except the big ass JELLO PLUMP LIPS in the center of the display. I'm not even sure what "jello plump lips" means, but plump + gloss to me means, "you might have itchy swollen lips." But the fine print details basically said " nope, you're good." I had sabotaged my lips from trying out these confection flavored beauties for so long that I was kicking myself. I know that reading is fundamental, but ill chosen marketing copy is just unfortunate.

There are 12 different colors, which includes a clear, that range in cost from $2.00 to $2.50, depending on the store.  I snatched up five in the lovely shades above, and they're everything I wanted them to be. Some have a hint of shimmer, and most of the colors are highly pigmented and can be worn as thus, or sheer depending on how much is applied. They're lightweight but stay on well, even if you tend to rub your lips together often or nibble on them, which you'll probably want to do with these snack worthy flavors. The scents match the flavor of each gloss as well, as opposed to all of them having a similar, generic smell.

I've layered them with other lipsticks and glosses and worn them alone. Since they are more pigmented that your average gloss, they would be really versatile if you used them with a brush, giving you more control over how much was applied and where.

The Crushed Strawberry and Cotton Candy are the most sheer, and those are great if you only want a hint of color. The Caramel Frappachino and Chocoloco are a more pigmented shimmery honey brown and pinkish mauve respectively. The Plum Seduction is highly pigmented and looks great on my darker skin tone. It's a rich purple, which I was originally wary of, but it's just the right amount of bold for me when lightly applied. It almost takes on the appearance of a shiny lip stain as opposed to a gloss.

Overall, they wear, smell, and taste like a more expensive product. They actually remind me of Avon's Glow Baby Glow lip glosses from the Mark line, a product I absolutely loved. The Glow Baby Glows are currently $10 on the Web site, but back in the day I recall them being less.  For no more than $3, the Jellicious glosses are perfect. I'll eventually add the rest of the colors to my collection and hope they add even more to the current selection.

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