Take 3: A poem, a piece of advice, and a picture

The Poem//What's This?

A contemplation on the uncertainty of transitions and the fears and hopes that simultaneously exist during these times. This is one of my favorite pieces from my poetry compilation, "The Mind's Attic." More information on the book in the sidebar. 

Post Pomp and Present Circumstances

What do you do
when people don’t ask you
what your dreams are
in what ways your soul
has fought to protect them
and how little pieces of you die
each day, to keep them alive

They wonder why you’ve traded
laughter for sighs
and smiles for indifferent visages
never knowing that at times
you’ve given up on the possibilities
even though your passions wait for you
at dawn’s door, coming, when you can’t sleep
with a persistence that is as innocent
as it is intense

What happens
when regret and guilt bombard your world
and you unknowingly harbor
a consistent resentment
for ears that don’t listen
good intentioned well wishers
and advice giving acquaintances
that infiltrate your decisions

Your distrust for others marred only
by an innate sense of paranoia
and they are watching you
surmising your positions
and calculating your confusion
always waiting to criticize the outcomes
despite their own intrusions

So you ask yourself questions
you question your existence
and interrupt your journey to adulthood
while stopping to gather with the wall-flowers
that someone must pick to ensure that
“you’re loved” is always last

While waiting you entreat endlessly
for some reassurance greater
than testosterone and estrogen
wondering when and if opportunities,
significant or otherwise
will be plucked from heaven’s rafters
and sent down to be realized

And so you unfold your apprehensions
and lay them on your shoulders
so that your talents and ambitions
and your once infallible visions
can be shielded not from what could be
but from solemn realizations of what is

And what is peace for you today
if you can find it
you’ve found strength somewhere
between rejection and yearning
but you’re still seeking that quiet place
between exuberance and exasperation
between the sanctuary and the secular
the everyday and the eclectic

Please believe
that we are made of something tougher
than air, water and carbon
that we are more than penetrable flesh
brittle limbs and delicate organs
more than susceptible systems
and degenerating bones

Maybe God used our breasts
to mold the mountains, our hips to curve hills
and the bends of our legs to create valleys
Perhaps He commissioned our emotions
to control the elements
putting Mother Nature at the mercy of our moods
and our world will only stop spinning
if we allow it to, so
put your thumb on the equator
and find some balance

You wonder if you’ll ever love,
despite the too often unfair
ruby cheeked cherub that it is
and if you’ll ever learn to live
by the blueprints that exist
in our divinely architectured souls

To do so, learn, quickly
how to divide the chaos around you by simplicity
and make peace your common denominator
take a breath
and blow the sands of time in reverse
to give you forever

And I’ll tell you that destiny is wiser
than the credit we give it
It knows the caterpillar must blossom
into a beautiful butterfly
It knows gray clouds must drop rain
from a melancholy sky
It knows warm tears will fall
from a lonely lover’s eye

Why can’t we
find that butterfly on a rose’s thorn
and the rainbow after a storm
and a lover whose heart is warm

The Advice//What's This? 

Artfully executed words of wisdom for those who do creative work. Targeted toward beginners, but great advice for anyone seeking inspiration and motivation to create.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.

The Picture//What's this? 

My small but growing collection of crystals and gemstones. Inexpensive baubles believed to possess various metaphysical properties that can influence your vibe, affect your energy, and manage your mood. Can be used in decor or carried with you on your daily travels. My top three "rock stars" for budding stone enthusiasts: quartz, citrine, and amethyst

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